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Established in April 2011, Port Jefferson Gymnastics is family-owned by Robin and Charlie Amerosa. Robin manages the office and is the gym “Mom” while Charlie is in the gym coaching, as he has for over 40 years. The company is a member of USA Gymnastics, which is our national governing body, and USAIGC Gymnastics, which is an international organization. Both organizations require background checks and safety certification for all coaches and gym employees.

Port Jefferson Gymnastics provides an opportunity for children to have fun and become strong and physically fit. Our gymnasts can learn positive character traits such as trust, dedication, work ethic, responsibility, courage and perseverance.

We understand that special feeling kids get when they take their first walk on the high beam, make a kip or land their first back handspring. There is nothing quite like learning that, with patience, guidance and hard work anything is possible.

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Port Jefferson Gymnastics, 200 Wilson Street, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

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